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"I only write when I am falling in love, or falling apart."
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Time is so strange. 10 minutes on the phone to speak to person you love isn’t enough. 4 months away from them is too long. To be here and then not. Last week seems so far but the days drag on. Waiting so eagerly for the next phone call. It takes forever. It rings, you answer. It’s over before you can even get your thoughts straight. 

I want to turn the hourglass on it’s side. Stay locked in any moment of bliss. Only let the sand drop long enough to find another perfect place. Sideways. Bliss. Hourglass.


Wait….paint me like that French girl!!

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Because Pitbulls need love too.

Pulp Fiction (1994)

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Willowbambi & Elvishkid’s Giveaway!!

So to celebrate both reaching a follower goal we both decided to do a joint giveaway! seeing as our blog styles cover a few different styles we decided to choose a mix of things that we love and that i’m sure others will too!

So here is what you will win!
1 x Patchouli Forest Incense
1 x Nagchampa Incense (our personal favourite)
1 x Wooden Incense holder
1 x Game Of Thrones necklace (it says my sun and stars on one side and moon of my life on the other)
1 x deer necklace
1 x moon necklace
1 x charms/sword anklet 
1 x little fairy statue
1 x pair of pretty socks 
1 x gardeners book (this is so cute)
1 x lady bug on a leaf drink cover (so if you’re outside with a drink bugs dont fall into it)
1 x little blank page journal


  • Giveaway runs for a month, winner will be drawn by a random generator and then announced on both of our blogs on 7th July 2014 and also messaged personally.

  • Reblog as many times as you wish but please dont spam your followers. Likes dont count but are welcomed for reference!

  • We will ship anywhere in this little earth of ours, but if you are under 18 please make sure it’s okay that we can send it to you, because we will be needing your address :)

  • Feel free to follow our Instagram’s if you want (optional) 


Goodluck! xx

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